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Winning Prizes at Hotel360, 18 - 19 September 2019, London

Privacy Policy and the Hotel360 2019 Lottery Rules  and Regulations

In relation to our participation in the Hotel360 Expo, 2019 edition, we hereby provide you with additional information on the applicable rules and regulations under which we will be awarding three exceptional prizes, which are as follows:

1. Privacy Policy

Our general Privacy policy, that is accessible at, is applicable to the Lottery and Hotel360 event, as well. In addition to the above Policy, we will collect personal data information that you provide to us by completing a designated paper form. The information that we will collect will include Name and family name, Company / Hotel, Title, e-mail and Phone and will be used only for the sake of the Lottery or for a follow up correspondence / contact after the Hotel360 expo, if not otherwise stated in the paper form that you will have filled in. The information will be stored and kept for the maximum legally allowed term in order to serve as a proof of compliance during the process of its collection and processing. 

We will be making pictures on our Sand that we intend to use only in marketing visual materials that communicate our participation in Hotel360 Expo, 2019 edition. 

2. Prizes: Rules and Regulations

2.1 Be Good Coffee and Secret Lots Coffee (trade names of Coffee Rituals BV products), herein after the "Organizers", will award complimentary prizes to interested parties. 

2.2 Interested parties that qualify to participate are natural persons of 18 of age and up, work in the hospitality / HORECA industries and fill in and submit a designated paper form at the Stand # 236 of the Hotel360 expo, 2019 edition.

2.3 The designated forms may be submitted not later than 3 p.m., 19 September 2019. 

2.4 The draw of the winners that will receive a complimentary gifts from the Organizer will be done at 3.30 p.m., 19 September 2019 by a representative of the Organizer. 

2.5 There will be three winners, named as 3rd place winner, 2nd place winner, and 1st place winner. 

2.6 The complimentary prizes will be as follows:

2.6.1 For the 3rd place winner: 15% discount on Be Good drip coffee bags products

2.6.2 For the 2nd place winner: 20% discount Secret Lots drip coffee bags products

2.6.3 For the 1st place winner: Free of charge branding of Be Good drip coffee bags products, under the description and design, as provided by the prize winner 

2.7 Other conditions related to the above prizes:

2.7.1 Prizes under Sections 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 above are valid for an year as of 19 September 2019. No limits in the number of orders doe within the above period of time. Limits on minimum order quantity may apply under standard product delivery terms of the Organizer or as agreed between the Organizer and the winner of the prize.  

2.7.2 The prize under Sections 2.6.3 above is valid for valid for an year as of 19 September 2019. The delivery deadlines should be in compliance with the production schedule of the Organizer at the time. However, the products should be delivered withing 6 months as of the date, on which the Organizer and the winner agree on the design of the product and the minimum order quantity (MoQ) applicable at the time, which may not be less than 4000 pieces. 

2.7.3 The prizes under Section 2.6 above include all related costs that will be born by the Organizer, except for design production under Section 2.6.3. In the latter case, the winner will guarantee and transfer free of charge the use of any IP rights that are necessary for the delivery of the awarded prize. 

2.8 The winners of the prizes will be notified through the contact details that they have submitted with the Organizer not later than 23 September 2019.

2.9 In case of mistakes or omissions in the contact details that lead to the impossibility for the Organizer to contact the winner, or the winner has not contacted back in any way the Organize before 19 December 2019, the prize will be deemed cancelled and the Organizer will not be any longer obliged to deliver it to the winner. 

2.10 Participation of the interested persons does not require purchase of the Organizer's products. 

2.11 For any other conditions the General Terms and other policies of the Organizer, as published on its web site at will be accordingly applicable. 

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