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Special Project: Giving back to Dutch medics in corona response

During these challenging time, there are people that are worried very much for their families, for their parents, patients friends and lastly for them selves. Howe we know that?

We know that because a great number of healthcare workers stay at their working place no matter what and no matter the risk of contracting a lethal virus. This one can do only if he puts him  or her on the last place, definitely after their promises to  the community.

It is a promise that we all believe they will keep. An we see that in practice. And in this belief, our gratitude to these people increases as well. That is why, we at Be Good Coffee decided to find an innovative way to support them as much as we can. 

Under this new approach, we will dedicate all our profits from a special product category that will be sold by the end of May 2020. All collected proceeds will be donated to the Stichting Zorg na Werk in Coronazorg

If you like our initiative, please see our designated products under this Special Initiative


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