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Organic coffee sourced from the fields of Ethiopia

Moredocofe – Ethiopia Org/RFA Moredocofe is one of the oldest and most prestigious private farms in Shakisso, Guji. T...

Gakenke Washing Station – Burundi, East Africa

Gakenke Farm: Burundi Gakenke CWS’s manager is called Gratien Nankwahombaye, a passionate man who started working at ...

Hatuhei Farm: The Treasure of Timor

Hatuhei Farm: Hatuhei is produced by 10 small holders reside in Hatuhei village in south west of Asia’s newly indepe...

The most Italian Dutch coffee you can find

How come that our coffee is a part of Italy in the Netherlands?


There are numerous examples, in which many of our colleagues discussed and clarified how and why coffee value chain d...

Expected - # 77 - Peru DECAF CO2 - Organic and Fair Trade

Coming soon! If you are interested to receive news on this item, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of o...

Learn how working together can lead to a memorable cup of coffee.

Producers of Estrella Naranjo are selected to participate in the program based on the quality of their coffee. Superi...

A remarkable story of our farmer Edubino Erazo and how he decided to grow organic coffee

Edubino Erazo has been growing coffee for over 4 years and lives on their farm with his family where he has for last ...

Have you EVER tasted a coffee that was produced by a farmer, who has special education in agronomy?

Through this blog you will travel the way to Finca Santa Teresa de Mogoton that is high up in the mountains of Nicara...

Have you heard about our organic coffee from HatuHei, East Timor?

The village name of “Hatuhei” comes from a local Mambae language meaning “Green stones”. While villagers are not sure...
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