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Have you heard about our organic coffee from HatuHei, East Timor?

Our organic coffee #83 comes from Hatuhei area in East Timor, a filter roast. 

Hatuhei coffee is produced by 10 small holders reside in HatuHei village in south west of Asia’s newest independent country, East Timor. It became independent on 20 May 2002 and is the only Asian country to be located completely in the Southern Hemisphere.

The coffee farms are located at an altitude of 1500m-1700m above sea level. The village name of “Hatuhei” comes from a local Mambae language meaning “Green
stones”. While villagers are not sure of why the village was named so, there are abundant nature and water to make their lives.

Being led by Senhor Armindo Maia, Hatuhei members pay great degree of attention to harvest only fully ripe cherries and avoid contamination of defective ones. Only fully ripe cherries are hand-picked and the harvest finishes just after lunch to process all the cherries within the same day. All the harvests of the day go through a floater selection to eliminate insect damaged beans followed by a de-pulping (wet-processing) with a traditional pulping machine that each farmer possess.

After the cherries are removed, parchments are sorted again with a floater selection and fermented for 36 hours. Parchments are then washed, sun-dried on drying tarpaulins.

The coffee is then transported to the capital and port town of Dili. All the green coffee beans are then sorted with the colour sorter and by hand. The green coffee beans are then packed in Ecotact bags and jute bags to be preserved fresh for longer period.

If you would like to taste our East Timor Coffee #83 you can order it HERE.

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