Our view on the coffee value chain distribution

There are numerous examples, in which many of our colleagues discussed and clarified how and why coffee value chain distribution is not balanced. You can read more on the topic here. So, we are not going to discuss it again in this post. We take it for proven that the coffee value chain distribution is not balanced and is not fair to many of the participants, and especially to the coffee farmers. 

Due to that, the questions that we post is what we can do to correct the situation? What is the tool that comes from  the future that will promote the sustainability in the coffee industry for the generations to come?

Our answer to this is simple: we need to find ways to redistribute any excess value at the end of the coffee supply chain back to the  most deprived participants. That is why, we decided:

We will give back to farmers not 50c/kg, not a dollar or so/kg, not a minor increase in the purchase price at the origin, but all our net profits that the roasted coffee blends under the trademark Be Good Coffee generate. We do that in a way to sustain and grow their business through the times of climate changes.

If you would like to support our program "ALL THE PROFITS", you can buy our participating coffees here





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