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The most Italian Dutch coffee you can find

It is really as a fairy tale of so many years of different events that lead us one after another to the place we are now at.

An these events started when our founder, Ross, made his first espresso in 1993. In a small cafeteria with regular customers that liked the coffee for its taste, but also for getting together with friends while standing at the bar, exchanging Good morning and genuinely asking "How do you do today?" 

In other words, it was the experience, the aura that was created by this small cup of espresso that changed Ross for the future. He realized that it is not important how much coffee you drink, but rather what coffee one drinks, where, with whom and the good wishing to one another that it triggered.

After years of working in corporate world, Ross found our that the "moon and the starts" are in the right direction to start doing good through coffee. So, once the decision was taken, he went back to Italy. 

In Italy he found friends, who were dedicated to the Italian style coffee and, surprisingly, so much into and supportive of the third wave coffee culture and the way how it changed lives of coffee farmers. And together with these friend, our founder became train in the depths and secrets of the Italian espresso and the changing world of coffee, i.e. who to choose and cup green beans, how to blend them and roast them. All in the Italian style, with an Italian heart and soul. 

After his training finished, he got back to his family in the Netherlands and started roasting coffee there. He established the brand Be Good Coffee in tribute to all these customers of the small cafeteria back in 1993 that tough him that coffee is  a social event that gathers people around it and makes them good to themselves, but also to others. 

And here we are...

We can enjoy now a 30ml coffee drink that brings Italy and the Netherlands in one synergy that is full of flavors, aromas, joy and friendships. A synergy that seems to be a simple proof that all this experience is not about quantity but for the quality of time we have for ourselves and the others. 

I hope that you are ready now to enjoy one of our coffees here

Talk to you soon,




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